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Are you pregnant/recently given birth and interested in sharing your birthing experience? Irth is a Yelp-like app made by and for Black women & birthing people of color. Help other expecting individuals and families find services that match their needs by sharing your testimony at Birth Without Bias!

Blackity Black Lactation Supporter Directory

Directory of all Black-Identifying Lactation Supporters in the United States and its territories. Curated by Nikki & Nikki Lactation Career Consultants. The link below will guide you to a Google Sheets that you can use as needed, you can also submit to the directory via their submission form (included on the top left of sheet/directory).

Chocolate Milk Café

The Chocolate Milk Café is a Lactation support group where families that are part of the African Diaspora; who provide human milk to their children can gather in a sacred space to receive adequate support.

The Bridge Directory

A user-friendly website and community where families of color can find & connect with our vetted care providers. The Bridge is not just a directory and a resource for families of color, but a community of professionals, who seek to heal the disparities in health and care from the inside.

Virtual Parent Support Group


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